These headphones are excellent. If you can afford them, it’s a worthwhile purchase. The audio quality is unlike any other and the transparency mode is fantastic. I’m a bit hard of hearing and the transparency mode actually helps me hear better.

Worth it! Worth it! Worth it!

Elise C.

I was skeptical at first because of the price, but these headphones are next-level! They have the highest quality in terms of sound that I have ever heard (and I used pro AKG headphones). I have been a loyal customer of Bose for decades, but the noise cancelling on these headphones is surreal! So if I had to sum it up in one phrase, these are NOT overpriced!

Terry M.

These headphones are AWESOME! The sound quality is amazing and they are very comfortable to wear. I have worn them for almost 4 hours straight and they did not bother me at all. They connect easily and stay connected very well. Finally, a headphone that sounds great and has a lot of great features.

Viktoria H.